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About The DGLC

The Dorset Greenlaning Crew (DGLC) is a collection of like minded individuals (Male and Female) who enjoy riding their dirtbikes or trial bikes in the countryside on legal off road routes aka greenlanes and in local Enduro or Hare and Hound competitions.

Our Live Forum is where it's at - Rideout Details, Rideout Reports, Photo's and Video's, UK and Foreign Trips, Technical Advice, Rights of Ways, Supplier Discounts to DGLC Members, Bikes and Items for Sale or Wanted and a loads of other totally outrageous stuff can be found here.

Riding with The DGLC

We welcome new members no matter what sex, ability or choice of bike, to come out greenlaning  or trail riding with us. You will find us out and about most weekends in and around the Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire counties, sometimes as far afield as Wales and even Spain!

The DGLC Code of Conduct

Our members vary in age, machinery and ability, some are TRF members, some are not. We are simply people who enjoy getting together and experiencing off road biking. All we ask is that you are considerate of other users of our national byways and other legal off road / trial routes and use a sensible exhaust system. In general, treating others as you wish to be treated yourself..........

To join the DGLC, please register some basic details about yourself by completing the 'register now' section, found on our Forum page.

You will then find details of our twice monthly 'newbie' ride outs so you can start enjoying our countryside with DGLC ride outs and if you like what you see, you can join as a full DGLC supporter and gain full, unrestricted access to our all areas of our Forum and Live Chat Room's.

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